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Salomon Adventure Challenge
Nelson, British Columbia

August 20, 2005

8/20 - 17:00 Wow -- time flies when you're having fun: Salmon Adventure Challenge: Nelson has finished, with all teams crossing the finish line before the 8-hours cut-off!

Congratulations to all teams, and special congrats to teams Three Sisters (1st Male - 4:48), Chocolate Cinnamon Honey Bunz (1st Female - 6:48), and  Kleen Majic (1st Co-ed - 4:54).

We are still gathering in times, and we will post all of the results once  they are ready.

It was a real scorcher in Nelson today, with the temperature around 300 C, making it even more of a challenge.  All the teams are now enjoying a well-deserved banquet and post-race party, so we should get some good stories and photos to share with you.

8/20 - 11:28 All teams have now passed through CP1.

Three Sisters is leading the charge, arriving at 10:58. Team So Damn Pretty is right behind them, leaving one minute later, followed by team Christensen.

8/20 - 10:05 Salmon Adventure Challenge: Nelson has begun!

Right at 10:00 AM, teams ran down the sunny beach at Nelson Lakeside Park, scrambled to pick the best canoes, and charged down the lake towards CP1.

We'll let you know when the first teams arrive.

The Kootenays of British Columbia provide the backdrop for the 2005 Salomon Adventure Challenge in Canada’s west. This is a truly awesome landscape dominated by mountains and water – your team will want to remember your camera for this racecourse! It is highlighted by the awe-inspiring Selkirk Mountains, Kootenay Lake, and hundreds of kilometres of backcountry trails, paths, and dirt roads. We’ll make sure to create a 40+ km racecourse that shows your team some incredible highlights as you hike, mountain bike, and paddle throughout it all.

About Nelson

Tucked into the lush Selkirk Mountains is the soulful community of Nelson, British Columbia.

Nelson is more than the sum of its individual attractions, though they are each quite impressive. The rolling Selkirk Mountains set against the West Arm of Kootenay Lake offer scenery that defies comparison. Thanks to the mild climate, you can ski without freezing in the winter and hike without scorching in the summer.

Nelson is a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts - the award winning terrain and the enchanting landscape creates a mecca for hiking, paddling, climbing, mountain biking and all winter sports imaginable.

The city of Nelson, British Columbia sprang up on the shores of the West Arm of Kootenay Lake in the late 1860’s on the strength of gold and silver mining. However, these ‘first’ settlers were not the original inhabitants of the area. A band of hearty people hunted and fished along the shores of the Lake almost 2,000 years before the time of the modern civilizations of the Aztecs and Incas of Central and South America. The Kootenay landscape bears their name in honour of their heritage – ‘Co’ meaning water and ‘Tinneh’ meaning people, thus Water People. Today, you can still find remnants of their villages along the edges of Kootenay Lake.

For decades, the Kootenay and Columbia River Valleys were virtually inaccessible to European settlers. This remained the case until explorers working for the Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Trading Company gained access while laying the framework for fur trade routes.

In time, the allure of precious metals and land for development brought a new wave of inhabitants from the west coast of Canada and the US to modern day Nelson. Their legacy is evident in the 350 preserved heritage buildings which draw on Victorian and Southwestern US influence. A stroll along famous Baker Street illustrates this unique history.

For the adventure enthusiast and nature lover, Nelson is a fantastic destination as it is surrounded by the wild backcountry of the Selkirk Mountains and is home to a collection of parks – West Arm Park, Valhalla Park, and Kokanee Glacier Park to name a few. Add the year-round mild climate to the mix and you’ve got a perfect surrounds for any outdoor pursuit.

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