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Frontier Adventure Challenge
Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, ON
Saturday, May 2, 2009

Slideshow Photos courtesy Bill Young and Erik Pedersen

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Thanks again for doing what Frontier does best - set up / facilitate / organize awesome adventure races. Our coed team was racing with a female that had never raced before, and she did awesome and we are looking forward to the Fall Classic.
- Adrian Makurat, Team KURA

Race Report: "Racing with the Stars"

by Lucy Dorman, Team We AR Women Too

I was one of the lucky winners of the We AR Women competition, ‘We AR Women Too’ captained by Denise Rispolie. I have to say I was pretty scared when she emailed us with a quick resume, ultra runs, 4 day races etc. and then asked us about our experience! I was also very lucky to get a ride from Ottawa with Carolyn and Nicky from the Salomon Bobkittens and on the way through Algonquin Park saw my first moose since being in Canada which was pretty cool!

I ended up rooming with the Bobkittens, and I have to say I was in awe of these guys after seeing them at the Fall Classic last year. Everyone was super friendly at registration and I saw a few familiar faces, it seems my solo exploits at the Fall race had stuck or maybe it was the British accent!! Denise suggested I should navigate to get the full experience.

Suddenly we were on the start line and there was a blur of bikes and bodies, I have to say in those first few km’s I thought I was going to die, flying in 2 days before the race having spent 3 weeks in the UK with my Mum’s home cooking was not good race preparation! The pace was fast and when I lost the bottle of Gatorade from my bike early on and Denise clearly didn’t think it was important enough to stop for, I thought I was screwed! However we settled into a rhythm and made it through the paddle, during the trekking I was actually exceedingly grateful for some bushwhacking as it meant Denise couldn’t get up to speed running!

The navigation was going well and we even had time for Denise to share some tips about nutrition, training etc. After opting to leave the advanced CP8A due to time (although I have to say Denise seemed to be rather keen to tackle the swim!) we hit all the other advanced CP’s on the way back, including the scramble up the ski hill in bike shoes. I was really pleased to finish comfortably inside the time but I have to say I was pretty shocked we got 2nd place behind the Bobkittens.

The biggest thing I learnt was how amazingly fit the top guys and girls are. Thanks especially to Denise for giving up her usual position at the head of the pack and giving me the confidence to navigate the course, thanks to Carolyn for driving and of course thanks to Geoff, Lawrence and the volunteers without whom it would not be possible to stage such races. I’m looking forward to some more adventure racing action over the summer and if anyone is in need of an enthusiastic female racer do let me know!!!

Thanks for a great race! Well run for a tonne of fun! Great job and many thanks to the organizers and the cheerful, helpful volunteers! See you again soon.
Rob Ireland, Team Shazam

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