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Frontier Adventure Challenge
Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, ON Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thanks a ton for the event on May first. By far the best adventure race I have ever done. Well run, great course and enough mud and rain to last a life time. Can't wait for the next event.
- Patrick Robak, Team Shazam

Photos by William Young and Brad Baumber

1 Adrian Makurat Untamed New England/ Funderstorm Running Free
2 Cory Tanaka Free Spirit Adventure Racing / GUATS Axis Gear Adventure Girls Tree Huggers
3 Jon Grimwood Adrenaline Rush Les Tres Amigos Max Payne
4 Pete Dobos Kinetic Konnection Les Quebecoises The Wallababies
5 Shawn Medland On Fire Second Wind King Farkenchuk

Just wanted to say even in the rain with the lightning, in the mud with the bugs and in the bogs with the beavers, Fit Chicks had a great always. Please thank your team of AMAZING staff and volunteers who withstood as much as we did in some cases to make the race work.
- Holly Strickland, Team Fit Chicks


Race Photos by Bill Young

Race Photos by Iris Neher

Race Report by Jack Van Dorp, Team Untamed New England/

Race Report by Steve Meyer, Team Hyper-Active (solo)

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