Frontier Adventure Challenge
Fall Classic
Georgian Bay, ON
Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanks again for a great race! The wilderness adventure you guys put on always rocks! Your course designer definitely laid out a fun and challenging course. The longer paddle and portages were especially great, and some pretty cool trekking.
- Ryan Foss, Team Pullin Foot


Congratulations to all participants, and to the top teams in each division who win FREE entries to our entire 2013 season!

1 RaidPulse.com Running Free Smokie & The Medic (Vince Trudelle)
2 Adrenaline Rush Spence KURA (Adrian Makurat)
3 Kinetic Konnection Solid Machine Ripkin Boys (Brad Jennings)
Great Race! I love the 12 hour format and the course design was sweet. It was a beautiful paddle with some interesting sections. The trek was fun and tricky if you were not paying attention. Some big marshy, thick boggy areas made it tough. The bike with the rain and grounded leaves made it really slick and slow but a lot of fun as well. Power line trail are always fun even if it is raining, hailing and windy! Fun day with plenty of adventure - oh yeah the race was cool, too! See ya next year.
-Robert Pula, Team Kinetic Konnection


What an epic race! My favourite part was the kayak bush-whack with the cliff descent. Thanks for all of your hard work and tireless effort to make a truly awesome adventure race this weekend. Can't wait for the next one!! :D.
- Tessa Jennison, Team Awesomesauce

Race Video from Get Out There Race Reporter Brad Jennings, Team Ripkin Boys

Race Report by Alex Provost, Team RaidPulse.com

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