Salomon Adventure Challenge
Elliot Lake, ON

September 21st, 2002

Elliot Lake - Home to Adventure Racing!

In our 4th consecutive year at Elliot Lake, Frontier Adventure Racing was greeted with open arms by the community - once again. The landscape lends itself to a myriad of trekking, biking, and paddling options and the townsfolk have embraced the sport of adventure racing.

The last Salomon Adventure Challenge Series event of the 2002 season drew a field of 18 teams hailing from as far as Buffalo, Montreal, and Vancouver and treated them to the surrounding regions of Gullbeak, Elliot, Quimby and Esten Lakes. Joining in the event were two special teams - Team Whackbushers of Ottawa and Team Synergy of Sarnia - who raised $1,800 respectively for the Canadian Diabetes Association and earned a free entry for their efforts.

Beginning on mountain bikes just north of the city, 54 competitors took to the gravel and 4X4 roads en route to CP1/TA1 - a 10 km ride (using the notorious 'powerline' route!). This didn't separate the teams by very much as Team Inside Joke of Ottawa (1st) and Team Triquetra of Toronto (15th) were only 10 minutes apart.

Moving from CP1/TA1 to CP2 - an southbound, off-trail trekking section from the powerlines to the west end of Gullbeak Lake - allowed teams to test their navigation skills. Team Handicapped Crew found their way quite well, drawing on their Parry Sound and Kawarthas SAC experiences.

It was also Team Auld Reekie of New Liskeard's time to shine. After arriving at CP1/TA1 in 16th place, they moved up to 6th by the start of the 12.5 km canoe across Quimby and Esten Lake at CP3/TA2. Their paddling time was only a minute shy of Barrie's Team Sojourn (who moved across the water the quickest) and was ready to hit the bikes as the 4th place team - excellent work!

Other teams had some difficulty in getting to CP4/TA3, the end of the paddling section. Teams of Montreal and Triquetra mistakenly canoed quite a bit southeast instead of straight east and decided to fix their mistake by portaging their way back north. Even though it took them both quite some time, they continued on the racecourse with smiles all around.

At the front of the pack, Team Handicapped Crew threw on the afterburners once on the bikes again to pull away from Team Whackbushers and Team 13 E.R.T. of Espanola who were challenging for the lead. Team Froglikkers of Toronto and Team Sarich Source for Sports of Elliot Lake also pushed ahead in this section to vie for the Coed title.

To culminate not just the Salomon Adventure Challenge but the Raid the North Series Championships, two Team # 1's crossed the finish line at the same time - one by bike and one by boat. OLN's camera crews, race staff, and townsfolk cheered on the two winners (Team Handicapped Crew and Team Eastern Outdoors - RtN) and much champagne was passed around - what an ending!

Congratulations to all teams as each one reached the finish line (13 ranked) - another fantastic Elliot Lake based adventure race.

See you in 2003 for more Salomon Adventure Challenge Series events

"Where Adventure Begins!"

Top Ten Results: For complete and detailed results, CLICK HERE!

Rank  Team Name  Location Finish Time
1st (open)    Handicapped Crew Kitchener, ON 5 hrs, 44 min
2nd (open)    13 E.R.T. Espanola, ON 6 hrs, 4 min
3rd (open)    Whackbushers Ottawa, ON 6 hrs, 18 min
1st (coed)    Froglikkers Toronto, ON 6 hrs, 19 min
2nd (coed)    Auld Reekie New Liskeard, ON 6 hrs, 22 min
3rd (coed)    Sarich Source for Sports Elliot Lake, ON 6 hrs, 23 min
4th (coed)    Sojourn Barrie, ON 6 hrs, 25 min
5th (coed)    Inside Joke Ottawa, ON 6 hrs, 46 min
6th (coed)    True West Toronto, ON 7 hrs, 26 min
7th (coed)    Mud, Sweat and Bugs Elliot Lake, ON 7 hrs, 37 min

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