Salomon Adventure Challenge
Parry Sound, ON

June 23rd, 2002

Perseverance pays off - BIG TIME!

Arriving at Parry Sound, Ontario's Waubuno Beach on June 23rd was the largest collection of teams to date for the fifth Salomon Adventure Challenge of the 2002 season. This race featured 47 teams (25 Open, 22 Co-ed) with competitors from as far northwest as Sault Ste. Marie, as East as Ottawa and as South as Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Much to the teams' surprise, they were whisked away by bus to the start line - the Parry Sound Tourist Information Centre, 15 kms southeast of town. From here, the 141 competitors blasted off on mountain bike, taking the scenic Seguin Trail toward Isabella Lake and CP1/TA1. Thinking they had the lead, Team Freaks of Nature of Mississauga was surprised to see Team Hunger of Woodbridge arrive at the transition ahead of them - they had taken a calculated navigational risk and successfully negotiated a short cut.

Not to be left behind, teams White Squall of Parry Sound, Lame Name of Toronto, and Norcast of Toronto/Miss. were hot on their tails as they switched from bike to hike. This section proved to be a formidable challenge - a 12 km hike which featured 5 kms of off-trail bushwhacking. This was a much longer and tougher section than would otherwise be in a Salomon Adventure Challenge Series event, but EVERY team endured the bugs and heat and made their way to the watermelon at CP4/TA2 - a life saver!

Teams White Squall and Hunger set the pace to CP4/TA2 and arrived together after only 2 hours of trekking (White Squall earned the Fast Fuel Trailburner Award for their trekking expertise!). Also doing quite well in the bush were teams Venumazepula of Barrie and GPS?? of Mississauga. Further back, Team Rosa Da Whoer could not have been any happier to see the volunteers at the TA as evidenced by their huge smiles and big hugs all around!

It was a quick 4 km bike to CP5/TA3 where teams would begin the 9 km canoeing section - across Mill Lake and down the Sequin River through Parry Sound. After this small bike, Team Hunger had wrapped up the Louis Garneau 8-Wheel Award for the fastest biking team.

While the leaders paddled to the finish line at Waubuno Beach, Team Forest Park of Mississauga proved their worth in the water, nabbing the e load Fully Loaded Award for the fastest canoeing team.

It was a fight to the finish but eventually, Team Hunger edged Team White Squall by only 3 minutes to take first place and a half-price entry into Raid the North New Liskeard in mid-August. By the end of the day, 43 of 47 teams reached the finish line to the applause of the gathered crowd. Frontier Adventure Racing would like to congratulate ALL teams for their unwavering perseverance during the entire race - future races will be a piece of cake for these teams!

See you July 20th in Sussex, New Brunswick!

Final Results: For detailed results, CLICK HERE!

Rank  Team Name  Location Finish Time
1st (open)    Hunger Woodbridge, ON 4 hrs, 24 min
2nd (open)    White Squall Parry Sound, ON 4 hrs, 27 min
1st (coed)    Freaks of Nature Mississauga, ON 4 hrs, 55 min
2nd (coed)    Venumazepula Barrie, ON 5 hrs, 31 min
3rd (open)    Norcast Toronto, ON 5 hrs, 36 min
4th (open)    Handicapped Crew Kitchener, ON 5 hrs, 38 min
3rd (coed)    Wilderness Addicts Parry Sound, ON 5 hrs, 43 min
5th (open)    Gordo Ottawa, ON 5 hrs, 43 min
6th (open)    Kinetic Konnection Windsor, ON 5 hrs, 44 min
4th (coed)    IGA Parry Sound, ON 5 hrs, 49 min
7th (open)    GPS?? Mississauga, ON 5 hrs, 49 min
8th (open)    Intrepid Oshawa, ON 5 hrs, 50 min
9th (open)    Nouveau Voyageurs Parry Sound, ON 5 hrs, 51 min
5th (coed)    Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Toronto, ON 6 hrs, 13 min
10th (open)    mal hil ril Hamilton, ON 6 hrs, 16 min
6th (coed)    Bitey Goats Belleville, ON 6 hrs, 19 min
7th (coed)    Forest Park Mississauga, ON 6 hrs, 20 min
11th (open)    Crusaders London, ON 6 hrs, 20 min
12th (open)    Ndewema Pickering, ON 6 hrs, 21 min
13th (open)    Where'd Who Go? Toronto, ON 6 hrs, 22 min
14th (open)    Ekolu Momona Kamali London, ON 6 hrs, 31 min
15th (open)    Three Bad Mofo's Toronto, ON 6 hrs, 32 min
8th (coed)    Waka Milton, ON 6 hrs, 32 min
9th (coed) Waterloo, ON 6 hrs, 40 min
10th (coed)    Kinetically Challenged Mixed Burlington, ON 6 hrs, 41 min
11th (coed)    Two Thongs and a Dong Toronto, ON 6 hrs, 52 min
16th (open)    Comtech Windsor, ON 7 hrs, 3 min
12th (coed)    Outta Time Toronto, ON 7 hrs, 4 min
17th (open)    Enchanted Cups Sault Ste. Marie, ON 7 hrs, 8 min
13th (coed)    Thrillogy New Lowell, ON 7 hrs, 9 min
14th (coed)    Due North...or South?? Pickering, ON 7 hrs, 11 min
15th (coed)    Canoe Lake Toronto, ON 7 hrs, 16 min
16th (coed)    Come from behind Thornhill, ON 7 hrs, 20 min
18th (open)    Dragon Markham, ON 7 hrs, 22 min
19th (open)    Kinetically Challenged Open Ancaster, ON 7 hrs, 23 min
20th (open)    K-Town Breakdown Kingston, ON 7 hrs, 34 min
17th (coed) *trek end    Ibuprofen Oakville, ON 7 hrs, 18 min
21st (open) *trek end    Phat Bastard Toronto, ON 7 hrs, 20 min
18th (coed) *trek end    Lame Name Toronto, ON 7 hrs, 38 min
19th (coed) *trek end    kilwopi Toronto, ON 7 hrs, 51 min
UR    Red 5 Ann Arbor, MI 8 hrs, 8 min
UR    Special Club Clarkston, MI 8 hrs, 8 min
UR    Rosa da whoer Toronto, ON 9 hrs, 24 min
CP4/TA2    Two Girls and a Hostage Pickering, ON
CP4/TA2    Terranauts North York, ON
CP4/TA2    North By Northwest London London, ON
CP4/TA2    31337 G33K5 Hamilton, ON

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