Once your team has registered, you will receive an introductory package with additional information about the race. Over the weeks and months leading up to the race we will continue to provide additional preparation tips and insights into the challenges you will be faced with.

On the Friday of the race weekend all registered teams will be required to arrive at basecamp for the race no later than 11:00 a.m. for gear check and registration (registration starts at 8:00 a.m.). This will be followed by the race briefing at 4:00 p.m. At the race briefing, teams will be given maps, coordinates for the start line, all checkpoints and transitions and all other necessary details about the course (the course will remain secret until that point). This will be your first opportunity to view the details of the adventure ahead. Teams will then have the early part of the evening to review the maps, plot a course and set strategy. Late Friday night all teams will be driven by their support crews (or by bus) to the start line to prepare for the race start. Raid the North events typically start between 12midnight and 6am, depending on a variety of course and safety factors. At the sound of the start gun teams will travel non-stop through a series of checkpoints and transitions. Contact with your support crew will be restricted to designated transition areas. Any team receiving outside assistance (unless by other competitors) outside of the designated transition areas will be disqualified.

Throughout the race, all team members must travel together and remain within sight of each other (any team caught violating this will be penalized or disqualified). If one member of a team cannot continue for any reason, the entire team must remain with that person until in the presence of race officials. At this point, the remaining three members can elect to continue the race (with permission from race organizers), but will be ranked after all teams that remain intact.

The winning team will be the first complete team to cross the finish line after having passed through all checkpoints and transitions in order. All teams have until noon on Sunday to reach the finish line. Teams that do not reach the finish line by this time will not be ranked (teams will be allowed to cross the finish line unofficially as late as four hours after the official 36-hour cutoff). For safety reasons, cutoff times will be established for the last few sections of the course. Teams not meeting these cutoff times will be withdrawn from the race and transported to the finish line for the final party. Although we will make every effort to allow all teams to complete the course, safety may require that not all teams will have the opportunity to do so. All teams competing in Raid the North, however, will be recognized at the final party.

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