Raid the North
Kimberley Alpine Resort, British Columbia

July 26 - 27, 2003

This is Western Canada's second Raid the North of the 2003 season. The rugged mountains, swift rivers and azure lakes of Kimberley Alpine Resort provided the perfect backdrop for 24 teams of four to set off on 150 non-stop kilometers of racing!

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Final Times

Check [HERE] to see the OFFICIAL times and rankings for teams (Excel spreadsheet).

Congratulations to the teams that completed the entire course:

1st place: Wild Rose 30 Hours 25 Minutes
2nd place: Spirit 32 Hours 2 Minutes
3rd place: Washington Adventure Racing 33 Hours 65 Minutes
4th place: Whitelight Adventures 34 Hours 52 Minutes
5th place: Welfare 36 Hours 46 Minutes

GPS Tracking

For the Raid the North Kimberley race, we have tried out a new, innovative, GPS Tracking system by a Quebec based company called Competitio. The Competitio boss, Gerald Plamondon is a racer himself, having captained team Kabu-Kicho in our Stoneham event, so we see this as a good fit!

For RtNK, 10 teams carried units that offered LIVE tracking of their position on the race course, as their data was downloaded at each TA. The remainder of team's tracking was made available after the data was downloaded at the races conclusion on Sunday night.

Our plan is to perfect this method of race coverage in time for Raid the North Extreme, just three weeks away, during which the technology will be available to offer race followers REALTIME info about teams locations for the whole of the 6 day race!

Check the tracking out and see where the teams carrying these units are by visiting the Competitio site at:

Race Photos Slide Show

Check [HERE] to see some photos from the weekend. They are in no particular order and we will post more as they are available. Thanks very much to Bart Jarmula of team Wild Rose who, even in the midst of fighting for the lead, snapped some great shots that he shared with us! Thanks also to Chris Elder of Kimberley Alpine Resort (and his staff!), both for his photos and for his tireless effort in making the Kimberley Raid a hit.

If you have some photos you would like us to share please e-mail us and we will put them up or link to you.

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